Steak and BJ Night

Warmer weather is coming. Our senses hear the birds singing again in the morning, we see the grass getting greener and the buds growing on the trees, and we smell meat on the grill. That aroma hits the air and anyone who gets a whiff makes sure to breathe deeper for another enticing smell. And even though there's still a bit of chill in the air, we couldn't wait to get our grill going again. There's nothing like meat on the grill.

As some of you may know, (and women most likely don't), there is a "holiday" in March named Steak and BJ Day, so we decided to go with that theme! So what does that mean for tonight's In the Kitchen?? Well... that means tonight we will be serving steak with red wine mushrooms and herbed butter potatoes as our main course and our TBJ Gourmet Uncured Bacon Jam on a wheel of Brie cheese as our appetizer. Dessert is at your discretion. Pretty sure anyone would like that kind of steak and BJ night!

Everything we are doing tonight is from my patio, so each dish will be cooked on the grill! Let's get this party started with a warm snack and a cold drink! The brie has been baked for 20 minutes and topped with our bacon jam (BJ!). Using a brie cookery you could actually put that right on the grill too depending on how large your grill is.

In the Kitchen started this morning at Wilson Farm Meats located in Elkhorn, WI. This butcher shop has everything you want to grill. Not only do they have red meat cuts, they also have a variety of chicken, and fish including shellfish. I wanted a nice cut of meat and they offer just that! Mark, the butcher gave me directions on how to make a flawless steak. Grill needs to be at 425 degrees. Hot. Meat should sit at room temperature for at least 20 minutes. This meat has been sitting at room temperature for the last hour and is just about ready to throw on the grill. Meat should be on the grill 5 minutes each side to get a good sear. But, before we cook it, let's rewind back to this morning after I got home from the butcher. I took the beautiful Ribeye Steaks out of the butcher paper, brushed with olive oil, and used Healthy Gourmet Kitchen Texas Steak Rub that we carry at Lovey's. But instead of rubbing it on the meat, I used a spice grinder and ground the coarse rub into a fine rub right on the steaks. Back to the meat that's just been cooked, we will let it rest for 8 minutes on the upper rack. 

The potatoes were started early and have been topped with an herbed butter mixture and wrapped up in aluminum foil to caramelize. To prepare the herb butter I use a full stick of butter and a tablespoon of our French Herb Salt that we sell at Lovey's. They should cook on the upper rack or off to the side for a good half hour or to your liking.

Any of our salts would be great to use, but this one really fits the theme!

Robin is going to make the red wine mushrooms she's been making the past 20+ years from when she was just 15 (ha!). A friend of hers introduced her to wine reduced mushrooms and they've been a staple for years. It's a basic concept of sautéing mushrooms in butter and slowly reducing the mushrooms with red wine that has an anything but a basic taste! It all starts with a stick of butter, sliced mushrooms from Franks County Market) and red wine. Any red wine will do for this. A little for you, a little for the mushrooms. As the mushrooms start to marinate in the butter, red wine is added. Reduction is the key. The flavor of the mushrooms  are going to compliment the flavor of the steak with S.A.L.T Sisters Garlicky Wild Mushroom Rub & Seasoning. This takes the mushrooms to a whole new level!

While the mushrooms slowly simmer, I am going to use our Hella Cocktail Co Rosemary Collins Cocktail Mixer and make a traditional Tom Collins. Take one part gin or vodka and three parts Rosemary Collins Cocktail Mixer to a glass of ice and top with club soda. Add a lime and cherry (presentation is very important) and voila' you've got a delicious beverage!

And now it's time to pull it all together. Take the steaks and let them rest with the red wine mushrooms piled on top to let the buttery red wine mixture drop onto the meat. Take your potatoes off the grill and serve them right from the aluminum foil basket.

As we were getting our sea legs with our first grilling of the season, we had a few hiccups here and there but that's what grilling is all about. You can make it as quick as you want or sip and flip for as long as you want. It's a fun at home date night or in a gathering with friends and family. Regardless of the time, it always comes together beautifully like a night at the grill always does. BJ or not.



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