An Italian Dress, A French Kiss, A Greek Sunset

September 2, 2018

I read there are about 30 taxis in Mykonos. On the entire island. This didn’t cross my mind when I took the ferry to the water taxi into town and got off at the wrong stop. Which caused me to wait for a taxi that was not coming - for anyone who was waiting - which caused me to buy a pack of cigarettes, which caused me to chat with the woman selling the cigarettes that I could just walk the 15 minutes to the hotel. Which sounds fine in a city with smooth sidewalks. In Mykonos that means something different. It means climbing an uphill battle of broken cobblestone and vehicles with absolutely no room for someone rolling a suitcase. However, no one honks or yells profanity, they either wait for the other car to pass or get uncomfortably close as they zoom by in their fiat or Vespa. Which causes me to stop at the first cafe I see “free WiFi”, to which I order a beer. I love that in Europe you ask for a beer and you get a beer. No one asks what kind, they just bring a draft of their beer.

There’s a man here. I’m fascinatingly attracted to him. He’s very salt and pepper with a pony tail. And I’m just struck by him. Although he hasn’t noticed me. This other man is crushing on him and his Ural motorcycle. I pay for my beer and keep trekking up the hill. And then I see it. These gorgeous colorful fabrics in a window of a small storefront. And if I don't stop in I will never find this place again. The showroom is so colorful and I am enamored by every piece. The fashions are designed by a Greek designer and some are made in Greece and some in Italy. I choose an Italian floral jumpsuit and promise to be back tomorrow to buy more. I can't wait to wear it tonight. For whatever adventure Mykonos might bring.

And after the longest trek ever since Walk of the Gods in Positano I arrive and the hotel is - wow - amazing. Just amazing. Everything is washed in white and there is a faint scent of honey and salty ocean. 

After getting settled and a dip in the ocean, I climb the rocks up to the bar and order a drink called the Honey Grapefruit and a man sits down and orders a drink. It's the man from down the hill and we start to talk. The conversation flows and he asks if he can take me into town on his motorcycle. There's something about being in Europe and in particular a Greek Island that doesn't make you question getting on the back of a motorcycle with a beautiful man after a few drinks to watch the sunset. It would be rude not to.

On the island, motorcycles are basically 4-wheelers. So I hop on this monstrosity which I am so thankful I opted for the jumpsuit tonight rather than the maxi dress. He was very sweet to point out how to get on safely and I begin by holding on to his chest not realizing there are handle bars. Not that he mentions that. And we take off for downtown. The early evening is gorgeous and there’s so much going on. So many people everywhere. He takes me down this pristine white alleyway full of shops and restaurants. He really loves the narrow white streets. He mentions them a few times. We park by the windmills and he takes my hand to lead us through the crowds. We walk through this lively maze of little alley ways and the air is thick with the smell the fattiest, juiciest grilled meat.

The sun is setting through an open town square along the sea wall and he stops and takes both hands. This makes me swoon a bit, partly from the excitement and perhaps a little from the drinks. The sun is making us both glow in its presence and before I had a chance to think he says it would be a terrible shame to not be kissed at sunset. 

If I wasn't there I wouldn't believe this story. But that's Greece. It's magical and soulful and beautiful and lovely all at once. Beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful sunsets. And because of my trek to the hotel, this is how I found the Greek designer we carry at The Boutique Closet, Iraklis Pantsios. And while I wouldn't part with this outfit I was fortunate enough to connect with the beautiful and talented man who designs these clothes. And while we have sold most of the 60 pieces shipped directly from Iraklis himself, some you will find in the store to this day. And some will be coming soon. My passport is ready. 

This entry taken from my travel journal September 2, 2018. A few Iraklis Pantsios fashions are available at The Boutique Closet, 13 N. Wisconsin St., Elkhorn, WI or online at www.theboutiquecloset.shop on the Euro Fab navigation menu.

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